About me

To me the whole world is one great source of inspiration. Everything that comes on my path, the people I meet, the places I come, really anything can inspire me to make a design for a drawing or a painting. Whether it is a twig my daughter picked up and brought home (drawing, fallen twig), to a bowl of prunes that falls over while putting away the groceries (drawing, red prunes). It can also be something that draws my attention spontaneously, a flower in the garden or sometimes just an expression of emotion.

As such every work becomes something special, it’s a look inside my soul during the most beautiful but sometimes also during the darkest periods of my life.

When I was drawing ' Out of the darkness ' for example I came out a particularly dark period and at some point you just have to make the decision to let go and move on. The misty background enables the uncertainty for a future where you are on your way, without really knowing where you are going to. But no matter where the road leads to, it brings you out of the darkness. In some works the title says everything already, like in  ' Bleeding heart ' for instance, other times the true meaning remains hidden like a treasure in a treasure box that lies hidden somewhere deep down. Behind each of my creations there is a unique story to be told.


How it started

I have been drawing as long as I can remember but it was only about fifteen years ago (2001) that is became a really passion after seeing a drawing in graphite pencil in a book in the library. I remember as if it was yesterday how fascinated I stood there looking at that drawing and how the urge and desire to draw were sparked inside me. I started drawing every day and a lot of times I had to start over and over.

The first months, maybe even years I only drew in graphite pencil and up until today it remains one of my favorite materials, just for the simplicity it radiates. It’s very pure and relaxing and while making a drawing in graphite pencil, you become one with your creation and if it’s like, for a short time, the world around you no longer exists.

Later on, I also started working with other materials such as pastel and colored pencil. It is only since two years that I have discovered the pleasure of painting with acrylic.

My goal

With my work I hope to inspire others to let their creativity go free and experiment with materials and techniques, just like I was inspired just by looking at one drawing. You don’t need to take classes to be creative, to follow your heart or to stimulate your talent. Don’t be held back by errors, fear or details. Let yourself be guided by your feelings, by the passion, enthusiasm and fun in what you do. The art is not to overthink it because if you do you will block the creative process that is unfolding. Just let it happen, let the creation form itself and enjoy it.

About my name

I often get the questions what ‘Niety’ means and some may hope that there is a cool and exiting story behind it but there isn’t. A long time ago, there was this little boy I saw sometimes and he couldn’t pronounce Anita very well, he always called me Niety, I thought it was very sweet and when I started doing exhibitions it seemed pretty nice to use it as an artist name.